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6 Reasons Why You Should Dress Neater And Smarter As You Can Afford

Collection of smart dress

Frankly speaking, almost everybody knows what it means to dress smart and neat.
Dressing smart sometimes costs much more than dressing neatly.
You can have a few clothes and always maintain them neatly every time and you will still be cool!

Dressing smart needs a lot of collections of dresses, styles, and the latest fashions!

To be neat depends on you actually!

But most times neatness always comes with smartness!

If you are a SmartWare person you will always want to be neat!

Its best advised to dress smart and also neat as you can afford

Let me get to the point.

Why should you dress smart and neatly?

smart dress

Starting with dressing neatly! This increases your confidence and sends a message to your intellect positively

Dressing Neat And Smart Increase Confident

Dressing develops confidence within yourself- When you dress neat and smart you feel confident in yourself then you will be able to do whatever you want to do without fear!

If you want to be successful, you have to dress smart and neat. One of the reasons why people get afraid is when you are not neat you feel someone is looking at your dirty dress!

But when you are smart and tidy whenever people look at you-you think the person is admiring you and that encourages you.

This can be simple but at least be neat

dress neat

People will want to listen to your opinion

Apart from you gaining confidence in yourself and being able to move around and do whatever you want to do easily when you dress neat and smart!

That also commands respect from people.

When you dress very neat and smart people will want to listen to what you want to say.

A lot of people will also ask for your opinion on things and believe you will have a reasonable opinion about anything.

Dressing neatly lets people be ready to listen to whatever you want to say- When your dressing is elegant nobody will take you for granted easily.
Especially when you spray little perfume just a little fragment that makes things perfect.

Here no matter what dress you wear make it neat.

Even if it’s not the latest fashion just always make it neat…

That is a picture of Kelvin Hart, I personally love this dude he dresses pretty awesome and loves sneakers too.


The Way You Dress Is The Way You Will Be Adress

 Your dressing determines the ways people reply to you AND TALK TO YOU as the saying goes ‘THE WAY YOU DRESS IS THE WAY YOU WILL BE ADDRESS.’

If you dress anyhow people will respond to you anyhow without caring who you are but if you dress smart people will respond to you with care.

Especially as a female let me emphasize dressing neat smart and impious dressing.

If you dress neat and smart but impious or irresponsible it’s definitely irresponsible people that will be talking to you and if responsible people talks to you he or she will be looking at you as an impious someone! Be Decent!

The way you dress determines the type of people that speaks with you. BE CLASSIC!!!

The below picture is Tunde! You can add some touch of little bracelets that cost very low and still dress neat and smart and look good.

Dressing decent, smart, and neat did not have to be costly


How Your Dress Impact Your Brain

This is really biological!

When you dress especially neatly your brain works more brilliantly and easily than when you are unkept definitely your brain will be unkept!
 Do you know your dressing make a part in influencing your brain? You will think right, be able to assimilate, and get things done the smart way.

femi adebayo

Your Dress Wins Your First Impression By Others

Let’s assume you go out on an event or occasion where nobody knows the background of anybody!

Your first impression of how you dress will win a lot of people’s hearts and they might be overhyping you more than your actual value!

And that impression alone can grant you a lot of opportunities among others

Dressing neatly goes a long way in the FIRST IMPRESSION!

neatly dress

Your dressing Increase Your Maturity

Your dress increases your maturity look and builds your maturity inside too…

When you dress very neat and always smart you look more mature and classic! And that alone will want you to do more!

Maturity starts with your dress.


Here are some tips that can spice up your dressing or look!



Yes! That’s wizkid above and he is always colorful and I really love that!

Try to google about colors and their meanings you will learn a lot that colors also brings confidence, lucky among others

It makes you feel more comfortable, happy and entertained.

A colorful dress makes you feel really cool and at the same time spackle…


stylish hair

Always find the kind of haircut that fits your type of face and fits your personality!

Don’t just take any haircut because it’s trending or because it’s fine on someone!

Check around the ones that fit you and have few stylish ones that can do it perfectly for you and always stick to that!



Yes! I know ladies take this too seriously but makeup can be applied but not too much that will change your natural look!

Just a little touch!

And make-up is not only for females but males too but not makeup like that of females applied to males!

Males can apply little makeup like a very simple powder among others!


Always dress smart and neat… But not impious

It’s not just about switching fashionable or costly dress or clothes it’s about getting the one you are wearing neat…

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