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Dreams Come Through! But It Depend on TIME And Not Quitting


Do you think your dream is not achievable, too big, wasting time, or just too scattered?

Don’t worry let me show you how  Dreams Come Through but basically depends on TIME and you not allowing an agent of quitting.

Every single person on earth no matter his/her state or standard will surely have something to dream or aim about.

Your dream will surely come to pass only if you don’t quit and believe it’s just a matter of time.

But let me tell you something today;
A set GOAL should not be mistakenly taken for a DREAM!

Yes! the ingredient of a ‘dream’ is a ‘set goal’!


Okay check out the above picture of the founder of KFC( also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) Colonel Harland Sanders!

He started selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky during the Great Depression and never give up and still move KFC to the second largest resturance chain n the world by sales after McDonald’s despite at his late age

Most people would have give up on his or her passiona nd dreams before getting to his age

A goal can be a short time or a long time, but a dream always is a long period.

You can achieve your ‘achievable dream’ by setting goals. 

You can be whatever what you want to be only if you believe in yourself and set goals toward it.

‘Believing in yourself’ is stronger than the way you think about it.  

A very big word like TIME  can truncate your believe if you did not have faith!

Let me emphasis on a shocking fact about the iconic Colonel Sanders of KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) i brief earlier !

He began to sell franchises of his successful food brand at 62 so what are you talking about?  An American fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken since 1991.

This shows that Dreams Come Through no matter the time!

While writing this post, a  popular illustration picture below comes to my mind, and I love to share something about it with you.

Bill Gates And Mark Zuckerburg

What do you think of the depicted picture above? Looking at the biography of these two Mark Elliot Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft they archive their dreams just because they believe in themselves.

Do you know Mark almost sold facebook back them when he was almost quitting but he decides not to quit!

There is a saying the moment you feel like quitting is the time you about to take the hit!

I always want to quite blogging severally but when i remember why i started then i keep pushing!

Nobody can understand your dream and belive its achivable if you did not belive in yourself


Let me quickly share with you my top five measurment for you to achive your dreams ..

You need to follow these 5 tips and always remember why you started then you will surly achive your set goals

Set achievable goals for your dreams

Let start with setting your goals that will lead you to your dreams

As I have said earlier ingredient of dreams are the goals you set to achieve your dream and not that you should set a goal that is virtual. Let it real.

Always tell yourself the truth and what you can do at leats to some extent!

Its a false set goal if you are a studnet with less or no capital but setting a goal of building school in a year.. Thats false goal…

Set an achivable goal a realistic goal that will contribute to your dreams

Then work towaard it

Dream Big ( Dreams Come Through)

Make sure you have a bigger dream bigger than you(It is achievable with time). Read think big by Ben Carson here

Even if you are to set an achivable an drealistic goal always dream big

Your dreams can be to have a scholl while you are still a student then you start setting goals like making sure you are having first class in all subjects then taking scholarships and working to wards beeing the best in education sector.

That is how to dream big and set achivable goals.

Let move to smartness

Be Smart

Be smart on making a decision! Be a smart thinker! Be smart in concluding!

These ahve lot of impact on your dreams.

You need to be smart and know what to do , when to do it and what not to do anything.

Take control of your thinking in a smart way.

Try to read Think Big by Ben as mentioned in the dream big sub heading above

This next tips is even more important


This is the crucial part. Confident make you smart and takes an obvious decision. If you are not confident enough, you cannot achieve anything because others’ decision will override yours.

Confident is everything! You need to know when to be confident tahts why you need to be smart ! After you already know this is a smart decision then you need to be confident to take the bold step in achiving those goals set for yourself

No matter the deprerssion you need to be confident about your smart decition!

This take us to the very overral of everything


Do not quit! Note that the moment you feel like quitting is always probably the moment of achievement!

This is what determing maybe othe rtips will work or suceed !

The only time you consider a failure is when you quite!

Quting is never an option at all no matter how much you faill or how many times you have tried just keep pushing and keep learning!

Its not only FACEBOOK Mark build he built lot of chat systems that failed too likewise all the most successfull people in the world!

Stay strong and learn from your mistakes !

Let me leavae you with this my quote


Any addition or subtraction is highly welcome #UsefulTeam

Kindly leave a comment if you have any addition or have question and also let me know !

What are your dreams?


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