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Education and unemployment – Where we got it all wrong

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[E]ducation is said to be the best legacy! But what did they mean by that? Education guides you to be the best of yourself.

In most another country in the world educational quality will always set out a beautify future for every teenager. But in Nigeria, we know we are trying to get that quality education, but we are yet to get there.
Education and unemployment – Where we got it all wrong

As the saying goes

Do not let your background put your back to the ground

Don’t put everything on the government you can make your way pure with the plan.
Looking into Nigeria education. Where do we get it wrong? We also have our part to take. We (especially student) even worsen the situation in Nigeria by having the mindset of ‘After graduating I will start LOOKING for a good job.’ It’s not a bad idea but not a perfect one. If this thinking is eradicated, then the unemployment rate will reduce in the country.


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The fucked up started from the secondary school days when choosing the appropriate department. So many future brilliant brains where miss leads through this stage.

For example, You will see a fantastic kid that can use a pencil to do amazing things on paper in a science department. Parent will force this kind of future art genius to join science department and study medicine & surgery in higher education. Probably because of the selfishness of the parent. Sometimes likely just to have a medical doctor in the family. He will now be struggling in the science department and will be the least in the class. He would have been the best student in an art department. This act is mind disturbing and common among our parents.

Likewise, a naturally talented boy that can repair electronics like radio, television, phone chargers and some electronics typically without being taught. Now guess the best department for this boy? Ehmm! Science right yap! But parents will tell him to go to commercial. It is called a waste of talent.

Hey! Buddy, before you put everything on parents’ students, have their part. Some students move to science department because their friends are in the science department.  Others jeopardize their secondary school because they believed that science is always the head of the school and highly recognized. All this are bad thinking that needs to be eradicated in our minds.

Parents should be able to plan their children’s future right from the moment he/she start to talk. A perfect parent will observe his/her children and take-note of what he/she love to do. Some children like to draw, solve math or sing than from there you will know the department to fix them. The next step should be getting instruments that can help his career. Then choosing an appropriate course to study is the next step.
If the parent fails to plan, then students too should know the sweat-able department best for him.

In the course of your secondary school, it is a brilliant idea to learn a vocational training(handwork). A vocational training that will help your course or department. Getting a computer skill is also an additional advantage because we are in a computerized century.


Ya! you are brilliant and old enough to know what you want. This stage is elementary but yet deadly. It is simply because once you get it right, you will just be the best of your kind. And it is also deadly because once you made the wrong choice, then you join the struggling group.

You will use your department and handiwork to choose the appropriate course, as simple as that.

The problem here is that students will be thinking of doing a very high competitive course or course that favor family background or parent! It’s not about that it’s about your choice and if it a competitive one then you get it easily.

Some will just choose any course only for graduating sake then they will graduate and added to the unemployment rate in Nigeria.

You check the country situation before choosing a course of your desire.


You need to choose an appropriate course here to enjoy your schooling and still graduate in a flying color.

That your family is wealthy doesn’t help here because you will just end up doing what you did not like in the future. You can probably be successful but not as successful as when you are on your track.

If every single stage is well observed



You will enjoy your schooling, be the best, get scholarships, make money and also even gather customers.

You are going to enjoy your schooling because you are learning what you love to do. Paying full attention won’t be your problem. You would have learned the piratical during your secondary school days as an handwork (vocational training).

When its all about your passion the best you give to it will make you be among the best in your department.

The knowledge in you will provide extra income for you within the school vicinity. Just like a mechanical engineering student that has to learn a side road mechanic work for years during his secondary school days. You know things will only be making sense when the lecture is teaching him. He will also force to help lecturers to repair their vehicles or fellow student vehicles which will fetch extra income.

You also gather customers, as your friends and lectures are your first customer that will advertise you(in the case of above scenario)

If we started gathering this kind of student in our society trust me we would advance technologically and another aspect as well

This type of student will be an entrepreneurial-minded person because he/she will be stuffy enough to build a startup on whatever he/she acquired.
This kind of student will help surly graduate with a good grade, and his skills portfolios will let companies started bidding for him.




75.5% of the student just want to graduate and start looking for a job.

Do you know that no matter years you use in a company you can never become the CEO else you will be retired and tired either you are tired of the job or not

Why is it comfortable for people to spend ten years in a company in other to get an improved salary but can’t suffer ten years to make your startup become a company that will be giving salary worth what you will be given in a company after spending that ten years!

The key is you must be employed before employing, and you must learn before earning

These two things mean the same thing just like binary 0 and 1 or negative and positive

When you are employed as an employee by an employer, then you are LEARNING and also getting stuff for your startup! (This aspect is the war zone-Not easy-)

But when you are employing, you are EARNING (Trust me this is the sweetest aspect)

Wait a second can you please state any of the richest people in the world or in your country that is a salary earner? If you know any, please signify!

In fact, Education is not the criteria, but EDUCATION is the best way to go. Education is the only way to go for Nigerians. Education is a backup.

All statement and points emphasize in this article are just my opinion and some due to research!
You can comment your feedback.


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