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Happy Birthday To Me! Thank God Am Plus One Today #Vission_2022


I cant keep calm it’s my birthday.

I have a lot of things to say and thank God for! What I can just say is thank God for everything.

I have too much to say that I cant finish writing it if I started writing it but am thanking God for 10 things in my life!

I have 10 things to thank God for:

Thank God for my life,

I thank God for #TeamUsefulTunde ,my friends and family,

I thank God for usefultunde.com,

I thank God for moneymakingcrew.com,

I thank God for my business,

I thank God for all my achievements in 2017 until this moment Monday, 9th April 2018,

I just have to thank God for #Vission_2022 #Millionaira_Vission is minus one today and I can feel the achievements,

I thank God for 365 safe trips!

I thank God for every teacher and bosses I learn from on this 365 days trip!

And I finally Thank God for everybody have been USEFUL to one way or the other.


The only way to leave forever is to be USEFUL everybody ou come across! It is a chan reaction




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