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Morning Meditation Guided | The Ultimate Guide That Change My Life

Morning Meditation guided is a guide that will teach you all about being 100% efficient in productivity, good health and being mindful.

Why meditation is best practice early the morning?

Once you succeed in your morning task and you happen it’s very certain that you have won the end of the day.

More so our brain is more accepting and in the fresh state early morning and this will make meditation have a full positive effect.

We all want sound health, to be productive, less distracted and be successful but sometimes it always seems it hard to get but most times it’s not hard we are the one doing it the hard way.

Have always done so much and pushing hard for years before I started settling at observing the way to things done easily.

The moment I started meditating I receive positive idea and have my brain working efficiently.

I always look meditation has a waste of time or most times it slips my mind

And the reason is I don’t really count it important until I am determined to make morning meditation guided my morning routine ever since then a whole lot has changed.

The Ultimate Morning Meditation Guided

I plan to cover everything you need to know about morning meditation guided.

Am going to cover this heading in this page as quick, easy and more intreating as I can.

  • What is meditation? Morning Meditation  precisely
  • The benefit of morning meditation
  • How to fix the obstacles that are making us not to archive morning meditation
  • How to do morning meditation

What is meditation?

For me, meditation is the food for the mind or the mind training.

According to Oxford ‘

Meditation is ‘

The keyword FOCUS, are real words that said it all.

It may be hard to stay focus but with time everything will

The benefit of morning meditation guided

If we don’t know the benefit of morning meditation you might find it hard to put it first in practice.

Morning meditation increases our brain functionality and maximum efficiency

This also decrease stress and anxiety levels

It also regulates our thought and let us make a smarter choice

It helps us to find peace and sleep better

The only thing is that you need to practice it to see the benefit manifesting in your life

How to fix the obstacles that are making us not to archive morning meditation

No matter what we are doing we will always have obstacles that will not allow us to do it.

These are the things that can resist you from doing morning meditation :

Disturbing Mind and thought

Naturally, we cannot have an empty mind and for you to achieve adequate meditation you need to empty your negative thought and if you have to think it should be a positive thought.

Best way to deal with a disturbing mind in other to achieve adequate meditation is to learn how your mind works by thinking about the things you have done successfully and the thing you wish to succeed in your life. And give yourself time gradually you will start archiving adequate morning meditation with this guide.

I can’t set meditation time aside

Though meditation requires 40 min to an hour for starting just start with 5min to 10min and with time and when you started seeing the benefit manifesting in your life you will start adding time to it yourself.

Another thing, the working routine is meditating in the morning. Morning meditation is best of all time meditation and that’s what brings this morning meditation guided  You can meditate in the morning, afternoon or evening or anytime you have free time but for me, morning is the best time.

I can’t sit still?

Meditation is best practice when you feel comfortable some did not find comfort in the sitting meditation some walk some stand but the best practice is sitting. Just find the easiest and relaxing way to archive your meditation.

Sit the best way you feel comfortable.

How to do morning meditation(Morning Meditation Guided)

There are different ways to practice meditation but it’s better to practice the working way you will try this my own way and advance to the best practice for yourself.


You can do your morning meditation in your room or found a room that has no noise and cool.  Or outside where there is natural air early morning cool air

This brings us to the next point ‘time’


The best and most popular time people meditate is either early morning or late at night just before going to bed.
The basic idea here is adequate concentration and individual comfortability.

I prefer meditating in the morning and that’s why I make this title Morning Meditation Guided and not Night Meditation, so it cool and easier to do first thing in the morning.

I prefer around pass 5 am or depend on the time you wake up but everything should be concluded before 6 am.

Set timer for yourself at most 15 minute is okay for starting because most times it is not easy to have focus thought at the start.

And also set alarm to like 5 minute before the actual time you would love to finish your meditation so that you can conclude yours though meditation.

Sitting Position

At first or beginning it’s not easy to sit straight in a yoga position so you can sit and rest your back straight. Some also lay back on the floor but that can make you sleep off.


make sure you start meditation with 4 to 5 deep breathe

This is the most important aspect

Make sure you focus your mind in positive though

Things you succeed in and more to do if you can get thought off you.

A conclusion to Morning Meditation Guided

In conclusion, trying this at first may look not archivable but you have archive greatly unknowingly just make sure you dedicate time to it and be consistent with time you will see quick changes in your life.

I thank God that I try it and it works for me now

kindly try it out.


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