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NNU Income Program Review – Truths And Tricks :Read Before You Join>


Good day everybody, Its Usefultunde again on NNU Income Program Review. Why did I say again?

It’s simply because I have made a review of this program on my main crew website moneymakingcrew.com.

I have done so much research and have been in this program for quite long now so I think this program needs a re-review.

What is NNU Income Program?

NNU Income Program is a programe invented by Paul Samson.

This whole idea behind this program is bringing payment into reading news.

Let Pause and know what NNU really means.

What is NNU?

NNU means Nigerian News Update.

And if you have been confused and you have been asking the kind of questions like;

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Just to mention a few all this questions or searches will be answered on this page.

As I was saying about what nnu income program really means.

Paul Samson the founder of the program and this program has paid a whole lot of Nigerians and bloggers like myself,  Boss Mathew, Prosper among others.

This program pays you for reading news on their site.

They don’t only pay you for reading news but also pay you for sharing there sponsored post even for commenting on posts.

With just your 1,600 registration fee you can earn yourself more than 100,000 monthly by just reading the news, commenting and sharing posts.

These are what you will learn in this review;

  1. How To Make It Big On NNU income program
  2. How to share the Sponsored post on nnu income program
  3. How to earn by login and commenting on posts
  4. Proof To See That NNU Income Program Is LEGIT or not
  5. Is It A must to refer before you earn or withdraw your earnings
  6. My review on the program
  7. Requirement To Register To NNU Income Program
  8. How To Register On NNU income program
  9. Notable Abbreviations and Full Meanings
  10. Conclusion

After going through this 10 stuff you will continue smiling to your bank every month.


  1. How To Make It Big On NNU income program


There are about 5 ways to make money on nnu income program which am going to share with you in full.

Making it big with nnu income program is very simple as waking up early morning and log in your facebook account going through your friends feed, like, comment and post yours and stay happy. Yes, as simple as that or by just going through news on nairaland, naij, and the others.

NNU just what you to be making money while enjoying yourself.

  • The first way you can earn from nnu income program is by a daily login. Just by logging into your nnu account on a daily bases you earn money. NNU even started it that just by logging in daily you earn 50 naira or more depending on the daily shared earning. Do you remember the last time Facebook or nairaland pay you 1 naira for logging in?
  • The second way to earn is called NIP. You will earn a thousand naira on every person you refer to nnu income program. This means you earn 65% on affiliate, have ever seen a program that you earn so much for referring.  And not only that you also earn from there product that will be made known later in the future. Don’t get it wrong it is not a must you refer so just skip this if you are like me that can not preach. But it’s cool if you can.
  • Another interesting part of this is that you earn more than 5 naira on every single comment or contribution you made on every single post depending on the daily shares.
  • Not ending there, you also earn 100 naira on every single well structure, interesting post that gets approved on this platform.
  • And finally, you earn 100 naira on every sponsored post you shared on your facebook or twitter account on a daily bases

Notable tip: To make it rapidly big on the nnu income program you need to be consistent because if you perform this consistency since is a daily earning if you earn at list a thousand naira daily leaving aside referrals in the next 30 days you earn 30 thousand naira just by spending 20 minutes of your 24hrs daily.

What if you now take it seriously then you can earn more than 100 thousand naira monthly even without referring and if you refer you can earn more than times three of that.


2. How to share a The Sponsored post on nnu income program

















On a daily basis, a sponsored post is recommended post is issued to every member to share!

It is very simple, navigate to  your dashboard then click sponsored post


Then click the date or the last date as shown below.

Then this is the post for today.

You will also see the process of sharing it as well

Just by Clicking the click here to earn below the sponsored picture

Then Save the picture

Then upload it to your facebook  or twiter account with the tag

Just like this

#NNUIncome – 10 Signs Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend Wants To Break Up With You – Number 3 Is Very Common. – Check Image Below 👇’

As simple as that and you will start earning N100 naira on a daily basis on the post.

3. How to earn  on nnu income program by logging in and commenting


This one is very simple just make sure you login your dashboard daily and you will be earning like N50 daily depend on your daily revenue.

And Just keep reading great content on the platform and comment then you will get more earnings like N2 depending on your daily revenue.


4. Proof To See That NNU Income Program Is LEGIT or Not


Yes! Most online businesses are scammed especially most when its founded by Nigerians! To be factual.

But, Paul Samson is a very trusted internet marketer.

He has created so man online business for Nigerians.

Business like coolnaira.com among others.

There are a lot of people already making it big with nnu income program.

So, instead of wasting your time while not join the program, perhaps its just 1,600 registration fee not much nothing less.

This is the screenshot of the person I just register today.














If it is not legit I won’t help in registration.

5. Is It A must to refer before you earn or withdraw your earnings on nnu income program

The recent update on Samson’s wall shows that he will remove the restriction of a must to get a referral before withdrawing our money.

Well, it looks somehow when people ask that question, you know why?

Because let assume you earn 50,000 for the month and he said before you withdraw you need a referer as it was! Then what will come to your mind?

Yes, you will just call one of your friends to help he or she to register 1,600 with your money and dash him the account. So when you register with your referral code then you will get 1,000 additional making 51,000 then when you withdraw you are good to go! So WHY DISTURBING YOURSELF?

You get the calculation! So, no matter the case may be you are good to go!

6. My review on nnu income program

My review on this program is that this a very awesome program for social media user. Instead of using social media

with your data and gaining nothing with this program you earn more money.

Yes, money is time and time is money so you need to invest your time in reading news, sharing a post and commenting on nnu to earn super more money.

What worth doing, worth doing well

Though I have a lot of stuff am doing both online and offline that is bring money for me, I still employ someone to do this for me.

You can try this program it’s awesome.


7. Requirement To Register To NNU Income Program

This program is just to help average or in fact below average Nigerians to make money easily.

Educational: No education background needed

Device: Any phone that can browse the internet

Data: Data to browse the internet not even much data required

Email And Phone Number: A functional phone number and email also required

All this does not cost a dim and I believe you have them for you to be able to read this post


8. How To Register On NNU income program Step by Step

Registering on nnu is very simple as A,B,C…

You can register on any device you have as much as it can browse the internet and its simple like registering on facebook but just follow this step by step guide!

Register on nnu income program: STEP 1

Visit this link to register here

This is the registration page for nnu! I will take you through the  input step by step

First info to put is your first name and last name has required

Some will ask me is it a must that the name should be the name I want to use when I want to withdraw?

The answer is no! Just put your name it does not matter if it’s going to be the one for withdrawal or not!

Register on nnu income program: Step 2

The next is the email account.

Note it should be a working email account as have stated in the requirement.

Because you need to confirm your registration and email linked.

Register on nnu income program: Step 3

The next step is to input your valid phone number.

The phone number here is very important because of later use.

Register on nnu income program: Step 4

This next step is the very important to me too as m reward for informing you.

Kindly use my referral name usefultunde either of the ways you are registering.

If you are using a coupon I will still let you know or reminds you of inputting my referral name usefultunde

though if you follow any of my link here for registration my referral name will be there automatically.

Very soon you will know what I mean by coupon or paystack.

Register on nnu income program: Step 5

Account username is another crucial info you need to insert.

It’s just like username! You can use any username and it may tell you that it has been used by another user.

Just use a very unique name or put numbers too.

Register on nnu income program: Step 6

You need to use a unique password and confirm the password too in the next column.

I should not make this a step

Register on nnu income program: Step 7

This is the Payment Method section

There are basically two payment methods which are paystack and coupon code method


Paying through paystack is very simple and easy.

And another thing is that instantly your account will be approved alternative through this method.

Its very simple if you are the type that can freely pay with your CARD.

Okay, as am saying

Tick paystack and click make payment

Then you will be redirected to the paystack website to make payment.

Then, input your info and you will receive OTP. Enter and continue then your payment will be approved automatically with a welcome bonus of 52 naira.

And if you still did not find this convenience you can contact me to help you with all this process for free! The only thing I will gain is the referral bonus!

It can only take less than 20 minutes to get everything approved. Contact me here or  use my whatsapp Text message only please 07065520338

Should in case you can do everything yourself please follow this link to get registered so I can get my commission for referring you! Just use UsefulTunde in the referral space. Let make more money… see more of my post on moneymakingcrew.com

Paying through Coupon

As have said earlier if you are not the type that feels free to expose their card info online! nnu proved coupon method too!

With this coupon method, you get approved automatically straight!

Its very simple you will just contact their coupon code vendor and once you transfer and its confirmed they will send you the coupon code!

In any means, you can contact me too to help you get the coupon code too for free! It’s not because of anything than to get referral ‘UsefulTunde’ there is nothing I hide in all my reviews.

This is a prove to people I have help to get the coupon





















9 Register on nnu income program: Notable Abbreviations and Full Meanings

NNU = Nigerian News Update

NAP = NNU Affiliate program

NIPers = NNU Income program members

NIP = NNU Income program

P = Points

NARS = NNU Ad Revenue sharing


10 Register on nnu income program: Conclusion

In conclusion, nnu is a reward for reading news and its 100 percent legit! You can give it a try!

It really worth trying and Nigeria will be great again …..

Let be legit ….. peace….

Kindly drop comment below about my review on this!

If you are already in this program kindly leave your comment or review too.

Or if you have any question just use the comment box and I will respond almost instant!!!









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