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It is Not As Easy As Follow Your Dreams #UsefulTundeMondayMorningMotivation


It is Not As Easy As Follow Your Dreams

Hello everyone, I am UsefulTunde and this is Monday Morning Motivation! Our topic for today is ‘It is Not As Easy As Follow Your Dreams.’


Especially those of us that are very near to a motivated someone! We keep hearing Follow your dreams, If you can think it, you can do it! Think Big and start small!!

But you know what! words are free and the easiest thing! But taking action is the hardest thing human face!

These are the problems the victim are facing while you telling them all that!

  • Some of them cannot even figure out their dreams!
  • Some know there dreams but unable to afford it!
  • While others are afraid of following their dreams! Maybe afraid of quitting their daily activities for it.

Okay, what is the way out of this?




These are the three things we need to be preaching instead!

DETERMINATION -This is when you don’t have any proof to show that you can do it! You just keep doing it because you are the only one that knows your future and believes it!

FOCUS– You need to be FOCUS and consistency.

You might want to be carried away by other peoples success but if you are focus you will be strict with your dream and ignore distractions.

If you manage to focus and be consistent, you will be nearer to your dream every single second you invested in it.

MANAGEMENT – This is the most important!

Some people have one or two activities they are doing that is also important.

The question is how to balance things up with your dream.

Here planning comes in!

You need to make a daily plan for your activities!

Its when we don’t plan we say that we don’t have enough time!

Planning gets stuck sometimes but you keep on re-planning and making a working and easy plan!

After all this in place, you need to be patient and with time you will see the result!

So don’t just think to follow your dreams and never take action!







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