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6 Bad Habits To Avoid

Welcome back UsefulTeam today I will be discussing with you 6 Bad Habits To Avoid. You are doing this to yourself! knowingly or unknowingly.

I love writing about motivation, inspiration, and educational writeups. Today is a top-notch 6 things you need to observe about yourself!

Let’s start with infinity dreamers…

1) You keep dreaming (dream and follow )

This is number one thing out of the 6 Bad Habits To Avoid

Ya! We all have dreams or particular big goals we want to achieve!

That’s normal because human is the greatest and most talented and powerful creature.

We can make any other animal bow for us no matter how harmful or dangerous they are we can control them!

That is why we have dreams! We think we can do so much.

Scientifically if we use 20% of our brain we can be invincible!

So imagine the percentage you and I have used now? Maybe 0.001% Maybe

But notwithstanding you need to have a specific dream or goal to set up! To always go for! Sometimes it is hard because most of us have scattered dreams and are unable to get them together but do whatever it takes to decide and follow it

2) You keep starting (lack consistent )

This also happens because of a scattered dream! You think about another new thing you start that thing again!
In a few weeks or months, you see another new thing you stop the one you are doing then start another one! Over and over again!

I know you are doing this and this is what is keeping you novice keeping you unsuccessful, keeping you back!

Those people that succeed are those once that stay consistent no matter what! They don’t allow others people achieving in one thing to distract them!

You don’t need to look at other aspects or other people outside of what you are targeting you need to look more and more into that thing! That dream you are chasing!

There are always more Into that same dream you are chasing

You keep starting and keep starting then you will always be a starter every time you are starting!

That means you will remain a starter or novice all over your life!

Chase one particular dream for like 5 years focus on it, keep doing it, stay consistent, keep improving on that same thing, and am 100% sure you will give testimony before that 5 years clock

We are doing bad things to ourselves unknowingly

3) You keep admiring

You keep admiring others’ dreams and leaving yours

You keep checking others’ success stories While leaving yours!

If you are to check others’ success stories let it be pertaining to your dreams and don’t waste time doing that!
Always spend so much time setting and working out on your dream!

Stop admiring go for it!
You keep thinking, I want to be this, I love this and that!
You don’t need that, you need to get things working! Work work work! Keep doing it keep doing what will improve you and be consistent!

4) You can’t go off social media

This is bad! You spent more than half of your day on social media!
Look at others’ fun! Looking at others’ success! Looking at others’ fake life posts! Looking at others wasting time and wasting yours in the process!
You need to go off all that

Minimize it! You may not quite it totally because it will be helpful to catch fun when you are in your leisure time!
But don’t make it a priority!

If it keeps distracting you find a means to control yourself!
Can’t you do without social media for a month?
Yea you can! Even if social media is your business do you still need to limit those times you spent watching people’s status on WhatsApp, Facebook or watching others’ feeds on Facebook, or watching others’ funny or entertaining tweets or youtube!

It’s not that you should not do it’s just that control yourself while doing make sure it’s within the time you should do it not more than not spending too much time doing that and ending up doing less or none of what is important to your life!

5) You keep Procrastinating (I will do it later )

You know it will work but you can’t go for it! Maybe because it’s hard or because it is scary!

This is a really big part of achieving or attaining a certain task or set goals.

We procrastinate work we want to do to do other more fun stuff.

I have always emphasized procrastination because it wastes a lot of people’s time and they will think they still have time to do it! Time is so much more precious than Money can’t even buy your own Time you can only buy others’ time!

Your first mission when you want to achieve something in life is to kill procrastination!

Don’t do it later do it right now.

6) You lack confident

You want success and you know if you get rid of the fear that’s the only way you will succeed and you still continue to be afraid thinking you are not ready

When you know you are not ready why start?
You want to succeed right!

Okay so why afraid?

If you are not ready don’t disturb yourself thinking about success!

For you to succeed you just need to be confident!

So go get it!

You don’t have an alternative then you should be confident!

When you decide that you want to be successful that means you are separating yourself from others then you should be able to take the boldness you need or you get back to others!

Don’t waste your time when you are not ready! Instead of being afraid and stressing yourself at the cost of being successful better free yourself and be nobody but if you still want to be successful then ready to be bold and confident and leave in present forget any other thing and think about where you are going!

Thanks to the whole UsefulTeam for making this 6 Bad Habits To Avoid post a successful one and thanks to everyone reading see you guys in the next post remember … Be Useful… To Stay Relevant…


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