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The Pathetic Story Of A 23 Years Old Woman Grow fully bear vs The 8months old baby weigh 38 pounds

woman with beard and a 38pound 8 month kid

This is Harnaam Kaur, a 23-year-old bearded woman from Slough.

She has been growing beard since the age of 16! ‘It’s the way that God made me and I’m happy with it’ Harnaam said.

It is said that he has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, this causes excessive hair growth.

woman with beard at 11 has akid
She started observing her super hairy nature at age of 11 on her face.

She added ‘I would hide it, by talking to people with my hands over my face.’ ‘I used to wax it, but that became really painful, so I would just shave it or use different sorts of creams.’ I also use to bleach it.

Woman With beared early age of life

She receives bully from school and people on street stares at her a lot!
She said people call her names like Beardo, instead of weirdo, Sherman, shemale.

She does post videos on YouTube about female facial hair and she receives a bunch of death threats.

‘I have had people telling me that they are going to burn me and they are going to throw a brick at me’ She said.

At some point, she considers committing a suicide or harming herself

woman with beard on street on public

‘I would lock myself in my room. I didn’t want people to see me because I knew that would lead to more stares.’

At the age of 16 Harnaam changes her decision and started accepting herself the way God created her.

Harnaam said ‘We need to keep our bodies intact the way it was given by God’ ‘It was literally at the point where I had had enough of people bullying me, of me feeling down, me having a suicidal

thought, me self-harming. I just had enough!’

Her decision was so powerful that her family was against it at first.

‘They concern, my mom and dad were, that I won’t have a normal life.

They were concerned about me getting married, getting a job.’

She found support in her 18-year old brother, Gurdy, and friend, surrinder.

Gurdy added, ‘She is happy living her life, does what she wants and do. That is really good for her. As long as she is happy that is all I really care about.

Her friend Surrinder also said for me to see her without the beard now, I think I had been shocked. It wouldn’t be the same person’

So, I think having the beard’s probably given her a lot of strength to be who she wants to be. To say what she wants to say and be happy.

Harnaam still enduring stares at the street and mistaken taking for a man and she learns to accept it.

‘I do play around with it a little bit, because sometimes, when I go to the public toilets and some go to me, ‘oh, this is the woman’s and I actually put on a deep voice and I say ‘No this is for men’s.’

So, I kinda play around with it and it’s funny because we all end up laughing.’

Luckily things are going well for Harnaam because she is now working as an assistant primary school teacher and she is receiving dozens of messages from women and men around the world some

said the love her beard.

woman with beard on bed style

She said ‘One guy saw my picture and he goes ‘Will you marry me?’

She leaves her story to encourage women to be more confident

This is me. This is who I am.
It’s my inner beauty,
It’s my outer beauty.
It’s my oneness,
It’s my wholeness.
I am different and I have learned to accept it, Fully.’

kid with 38 pound weight

The 8months old baby weighs 38 pounds

Meet Chahat Kumar that already weighs 38 pounds at eight-month-old. Who double the age of a normal child of her age.

Chahat’s mother Reena Kumar, said when chahat was born she was like a normal kid. After 4 months we realize that her weight was increasing.

chathat kid with 38 pound weight

Chahat’S father Suraj Kumar, said she got hungrier than other babies. She demands for milk and food often.

Chathat parent decide to visit the doctor after noticing their daughter’s dramatic weight increase! The are trying to find out what might be causing it.

Chathat’s father, ‘We took her to see the doctor and they told us that they need to take her blood samples. Then it wasn’t possible for the doctor to take her blood because her skin was very thick.

Doctore Sharma has been working on Chathat since she was born.

parent of charhat the 38 pounds wegnt kid

Doctor Shatman disclose ‘this is the first case I have seen in my life where a child weght has been shooting up so much, 4 to 5 months of birth. The child around 33-38 pounds now.

Doctor chaarman recommended they should visit a pediatric specialist at the civic hospital in Amrister. But the blood test couldn’t be carried out because the fat on the baby’s body was too much and because of that, the blood test wasn’t properly done.

Doctor her yet unable to know the cause of her dramatic weight gain, but are hoping to start treatment soon.

The doctor gave an encouraging voice that if a treatment starts the kid might start losing her weight to normal category.

Child weighs 38 pounds age 8

Chathat mother pathetically said that we want her to be able to play like normal kids. We don’t want her to have difficulties in the future and we want a good future for her.



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