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Starting a successful blog is easy: Things you need to know before starting your blog [Facts Revealed]

[B]elieve me Starting a successful blog is easy: There are certain things you need to know before you start blogging.

We are bound to make mistakes in other to get answers and be corrected. But it is advisable to learn wisely than learning from experience.
There are important things you need to know before you start blogging so that you will not rush in and rush out.

First of all, what is blogging? Blogging is the act of writing useful articles and publish it to the internet. The reward can either be just for passion or for money.
Though doing the best of what you like to do will earn you extra cash.
Blogging works for anybody once there is passion in it!

To be factual with you, blogging works for you depending on who you are.

A PRObationer Blogger

A Businessman Blogger

PRObationer Bloggers: – These are bloggers that start blogging with little or no fund, skills and experience.

Businessman Bloggers are those people that have money with them but just want to invest in blogging(website) to make more money. Most of this sites always be a news site. These types of sites rank higher in the search engine when its news site.

It gets popular faster because of its adequate funding.  Anyway, we use the money to make money.

There is nothing much to discuss on Businessman blogger because money does it all.

They spend money on web design, Plugin development, Emails, Coding, Hosting, SEO, writers, A/B testing and promotion. That’s all that a businessman blogger need to start blogging business.


PRObationer Bloggers can be anybody that start blogging by learning and improving. With hard work, a successful PRObationer blogger turns to ProBlogger.

About 70% of bloggers fall in this stage. Blogging is not just about publishing a post. If you do it in the right way, it can earn you a company.

Before starting your first blog, do you know that there are a bunch of ways to make money online? I guess you have made blogging your choice. Not to scare you away, blogging is the hardest way of making money online as a PRObationer Blogger. But it worth it when the enjoyment starts. You will be frustrated when you publish your first post and the only person reading it, are you? So many things frustrate PRObationer Bloggers that some give-up in few months of starting.

Blogging takes time and hard work

Whether you are a PRObationer Blogger or Businessman blogger blogging takes time. Money is time. A businessman blogger use money to save time.

Blogging takes time so don’t think you can just create a blog and start making money or gaining audience just like that! IT IS NOT A MAGIC.  Blogging requires appropriate procedure and learning.

Blogging takes time and a lot of effort. You cannot withstand the pressure of blogging as a PRObationer Blogger without passion.

A passionate blogger will keep on the persistence posting and good work on his blog till zero views turn to thousands of views.

The only way you can find blogging easy, and stress-free is when you blog your passion narrowly without wilding it too much.

Understand your niche

You need to know and be specific on what you want to be blogging about. If you understand your passion, then you will know what to blog on. You will always have something to write and get a rank(authority) on a particular keyword if you understand your niche very well.
You also need to know who is going to read your blog. Provide answers to these questions to get more readers.

Who is your audience? Where can you find them? What are their concerns, needs, interests? If you can answer all this questions blogging will be fun. You will generate new unique content quickly, and you will stand out from the crowd.

Choose the blogging platform to use

All the blogging platforms are free, but you don’t own your blog once it’s on a free platform.
Platforms like WordPress.com, Blogger, and Tumblr, are free and easy to use.

WordPress is still the most flexible platform, and you will have maximum control of your blog. They have the highest users on their platform, and most popular sites are on this platform.

Blogger is very straightforward for new bloggers, and you will get fresh tutorials too to manipulate your blog. Blogger to have good numbers of users on their platform and this platform is just interesting for new bloggers.

Tumblr is the sweet platform, but it’s not as popular as WordPress and blogger.

Before you conclude on the platform to use, you need to understand this.

The best blogging platforms are WordPress and blogger.


Newbies blogger use this to brush-up themselves on blogging business. By just going to blogger.com and click signup you are good to go with all in default. Free awesome themes are everywhere on the net. With default theme, you can easily manipulate it to your taste too by using a search engine.

You need to know this about blogger platform:

  • Blogger will not cost you much to set up.
  • Unlimited Web hosting. You only need to buy your domain.
  • Blogger procedures are easy to learn.
  • If you don’t know anything about web design or any coding with copy and paste codes on the net, you can create your unique design.
  • Best for PRObationer Bloggers

Most PRObationer Bloggers start blogging with blogger.com then later they switch to WordPress or get another site on WordPress platform.


This platform is proving the best for professionals. You must have blogging ideas to make it to this platform.          All business bloggers go for this. Is either you have that knowledge, or you have money to enjoy this platform. Fact– think about any successful bloggers you know, I will vividly tell you that higher percentage of them also bought themes to set up their blogs. Though they can manipulate it to sweet their taste.

Theme design aspect is different from blogging. Website designer and developer design themes for sale. You too can buy or get a paid theme and do little manipulate then start your blog. Don’t waste time designing your blog and not facing your niche.

Only if you are into web design niche, you can be making HOWTOs post as you are designing your blog.

You can pay a little token to get your WordPress startup. But if you don’t have much then you need to know these.

Most bloggers you think are stylish or programmers they are just WordPress installer. They only know how WordPress works. You just need to learn about WordPress and search for more WordPress themes to make a choice. Premium WordPress themes are what makes all the stylish with plugins.

Note- You need to have a great design. You will not like to visit a rough site again and again. Make sure at least your blog has 80% profession look at early in other not to lose new users.

Note: Get your site hosted on the good and secure platform. There are the bunch of hosting companies, search for the best and go for it.

Blogging is NOT free

With just a few seconds you can create a blog and start publishing your articles for free. But to be a ProBlogger, you need little investment. This investment is extremely little compared to businessman blogger. So, choose your platform wisely depend on your pocket in other not to quit blogging easily.

Learn basic HTML and CSS

If you learn basic HTML and CSS, you will be able to brand your blog easily. Instead of spending time or money surfing tutorials. You will be able to do things yourself with HTML and CSS knowledge.
What are you waiting for? You can start learning all this for free. For instance, Codecademy, w3schools, Khan Academy and Code School are offering free Video and text courses to study.

Learn basic SEO

Learning basic SEO will help a lot to generate free organic traffics to your blog. Some people think SEO is met for broke bloggers that advert is the best. I go against this because successful bloggers and big sites still do SEO. SEO help you to earn more money for free. When you do adequate SEO, you post great content, and you sleep while search engine does the rest.

Though SEO is complicated but with little so you will be happy with the result.

Know something about copyright issues

Make sure all the contents on your blog are yours. If you follow your passion as a niche, the content won’t be your problem. The only problem might probably be the length of time to write good contents. But practice makes perfect. With time you get used to article writing. Always be authentic, it helps your audience in gaining trust in you. Do not copy and paste!

Avoid using a copied image too. Do not adopt the habit of downloading the image from google and just upload it in your post.
You can take a picture of stuff yourself.
There are so many free images store online where you can get copyright images. These sites will be outlined in the next discussion.
After maintaining adequate copyright content, it is advisable to learn how you can safeguard your content. You should know what to do when someone steals your content. Perhaps, that can happen to any bloggers.

Learn basic photography tips

Images spice up your blog post, so you need to know little about it.  As your content ranked higher on search engine images, get rank too.
Photoshop and the CorelDraw idea are additional advantages.
You can use https://ipiccy.com/ to customize and give your images excellent filter online, and you can google more sites.

You can also get free copyright images online on Unsplash, SplitShire, and Pexels among others.

Content is king

Content is the reason for everything about blogging. Apart from having great design, your content is number one priority.
Always write a quality content and also don’t forget quantity matters too. Do not think because you want to have quantity content then you started posting shallow articles, nobody is going to read it.

Note: Lengthy quality contents are highly ranked on search engines.

Write your articles in a conversational way and make it friendly yet frankly. People get bored of lectures so let it highly engaging.
Use perfect text format and size at appropriate places. Also, make use the headings tag, subheading tags bold and italics when needed.  All these increase your reader’s visibility and make your article enjoyable to read.


Your title must:

  • Make your title short and sexy;  10-20 word is okay.
  • Let your title be a catchy one
  • Let your title reveal your blog post accurately
  • Make it engaging
  • You can use little keyword too
  • Suggest many titles and choose from your suggestions

Determine how often you will post

How usually you post is strictly depends on your niche. Entertainment, news, lifestyle bloggers post more often than tech bloggers. Nevertheless, when you just start blogging it’s hard to create a lengthy quality content concurrently. Once you are blogging what you are passionate about then with time, you will find it easy to create excellent content in no time.

Be social

Share your blog posts on social media to get extra traffics.
Make friends with other bloggers. Join bloggers networking groups and be an active member. Ask a question in groups and reply to others questions. All this increase your traffic and also build your site.

Build a perfect relationship with your readers and other bloggers. Reply to comments on your blog. Make a guest post on other blogs.

Research, your competitor
Research your competitor

Research your competitor using tools like BuzzSumo and SEMRush to help you with the keywords, content & competitor research.

When you do this, you get more ideas and update about new trending in your niche.



  • Blogging is now a big deal. Anybody can start blogging in few steps and quit blogging in few months.
  • To make your blog popular, you need to focus and implement all this one after the other.
  • Forget to make money on your blog when you just start blogging! With time you get the reward for your passion. The investment worth it.
  • Blogging worth taking as a business but you have to invest in it to earn income from it.


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