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Time is NOT Money (WARNING: Video Only For Genus)

Time is not money
Time is not money pics

Time is NOT Money (WARNING: Video Only For Genus)

Note this is  just the transcript of the video coming up… Monday Motivation

Time is money! Time is money…
No Time is not equal to money
Time is equal to and more than money.
That means time is more valuable than money.
Motivational Speakers will keep confusing you or sorry saying Time is money so you chase money.
Sorry, ya am also a motivational speaker but what do you think when Prince Ea said Stop trusting Motivational Speakers oh! Jay Shetty also share that!
We are all just finding one way or the other to impact positively in your life.
Okay let go back to the video
If at least 70% of people know this or understand that Time is not money in time at least 80% of the world will be rich or leave above the poverty line.
According to world vision 2018, 36% of the word’s population lived extreme poverty.
I.e only 64% live above the poverty line
What is even the poverty line.. 1.9 dollars per day
Which means 1.85 billion people leave below 1.9 dollars per day.
What is 1.9 $ equate in your country?
Word bank even added that 70% of this share is coming from Africa and 30 % from other continents.
Okay if all this true or false. Let forget.
We keep hearing and saying that Time is Money,, Time is Money
So people think like okay if time is money then Money is time.
Then we started chasing money without knowing that time is even more valuable than money.

Story Time Is Not Money

Okay, let me tell you a story of the twins Tim and Tinm.
They are both 12 years old from a poor family.
They lost their family in a mid-night fatal accident where both of them survived.
But of them have left the incident spot separately before morning.

Since they ware just 12
They did not know where they were coming from or going.
They did not see each other and they left separately crying roaming inside the bush.
They were roaming about till they reach Tin reach an unknown country A and Tinm reach an unknown country B.
After 2 years of sleeping around the country!
You know right now!
Both of them did not have anything other than TIME.
No money, no backup.
This is where you will know that Time is more valuable than money.
Tinm just goes to the market and start doing any physical job like helping people to carry the load for money.
Same Tin did the same from another side.
Right now they can’t even learn anything because he has to pay to learn.
What the have to do in their respective country is to sell there valuable time very cheap.
They keep doing that, leaving under 1.9 dollar and saving something till the got there first 150$ each in their respective country
Though try going to school but the re-think.
Yes, the love to education but can’t afford to go to school from beginning and struggling.
Tin use the money to upgrade the value of his time and get second-hand transport car and start doing transport.
But Tinm went to app developing training at the roadside to learn
And bought himself a second-handed computer.
By now Tinm and Tin are already 18 years old.
Tinm continues selling his time very cheap in the market and still bringing quality to his time by learning something he loves.
And Tinm upgraded his time value with the transport.
But because of the daily money, he is receiving he calculated that he is earning more than some salary earners that even go to school.
So Tim continue with his transport and roughing the struggle
By 20 Tinm is already building apps and selling them. But still in the market hustling
On the other side Tim already planning to buy land and get married
At 22 Tinm build this viral app that a good number of people love.
Then 4 top companies in the country he resided offer him a job.
Now the value of his time has increased.
He chooses the best company and started working for the company.
At 23 Tim also have already built an apartment on his land and planning for wedding also doing good.
After 4 years of Tinm working with the company at 27 years, he built the website accepted and loved worldwide and he left the company to work on his own company.
Just 2 years at 29 years old he becomes the youngest richest in the world.
Employing thousands of people.
And at 29 Tim also has built his house to at least his taste and have a car apart from his 2 transport business buses.
Where he drive one and employ someone to drive the other one.
This is Tim and Tinm 17 years journey.

What did you learn about this short story?
They both try and achieve without anything and anybody but value their TIME.
From Nothing to something.
Now you see Time is more valuable than money.
If you know how to use your time and start adding value to it you finally get to a point you too will be buying peoples time.
We trade Time For Money.
How quality are you selling your time presently?
How much do your 24 hours worth?
Are you certify with it?
Tim And Tinm story has answered all this.
They both succeed but the quality of there time deferent.
Tim believe that Time Is Money (TIM) but Tinm Believe Time Is Not Money (TINM)
Those that believe that Time is Money and those that Believe that Time is Not Money.
But of them will succeed for the fact that they both VALUE time.
But there is another type of people I did not talk about.
These are does that believe that TIME IS NOTHING.
Even if you give them 20 years they will end up doing nothing.
But those that are more smarter like Tinm Will be more successful.
Stop chasing money and start investing your TIME, in your Dreams, In Yourself

Thank You very much for watching this video.
Though I only have 9 subscriber or people on my channel right now I believe by investing in the quality of my time I will get to where am going.
If you love this video kindly like this video and share to your love once to add value to their time.
I remain Useful…
Be Useful… To Stay Relevant…


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