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UsefulTunde Thanking God For 365 days safe trip -2017 in review #Checkout_Maybe_you_Are_Part_Of_My_Achievements

usefultunde birthday on beach
On beach with my friends

This is just a post of appreciation and review of 2017.

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Try to be useful this 2018 and start something no matter small or uncomfortable you because you can never be comfortable with starting.

These are my reviews:

Usefultunde celebrating with ikeja electric

I created my evaluating blog after failing 5 times with different blog names.
I just got a good starting after virtually started blogging 2013 (6 years blogging on zero level)
This year I made up my mind to also be a YouTuber to create a YouTube channel for a vlog. Check out my videos on youtube and subscribe ‘UsefulTunde’ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCekVZsfqYRcVPcVQCrnQu9w

I got a job to be my own boss this year!

We making money this year!

I created a website about what I love best “helping other archiving financial greatness ” moneymakingcrew.com
I wish my dreams about MMC comes through just start work on it! Join the crew now.
This year I got my first ever smallest scales physical business even though the income is low.

This year I got my taste on my best gadget -My girlfriend, my best friend my one and only smartphone and laptop lol!

This year I celebrate my birthday in a distinct form!

This year TUNDE make up his mind to be “USEFUL” I concluded the nickname “USEFULTUNDE” After using more than 15 different nicknames like UsefulAB lol..

I just have to thank God for my life

After failing more than 5 times! A terrible failing and stumbling I finally got on my track!

Marking 5 years in blogging yet starting a blog few months a-ago. Imagine I knew all that I know now 5 years ago where do you Imagin I will be?

Every day is a starting of something, make up your mind to start something now because another 5 years is starting now #vission2022

Now you probably know what I meant by #Vission2022

Let started making an impact
Don’t be afraid to start something silly if you think its proper.

Take charge of your life!
By God grace am going to celebrate my next year’s birthday in a shocking form.

I learned so many things this year but the best of all is the key to achievement we all guilty of! I repeat we are all guilty of this!
One of the best ways to be successful is by appreciating a successful personality and embracing them all your heart and not in return just for pure mindYes, it is a human Phenomenal to have a slight thought of envy towards peoples success but it takes a higher percentage of maturity, Godliness, Intelligence and accuracy to minimize the envies.
“You will envy at a glance just control it in mili seconds ‘
Yes, I said minimize because no matter what! it cannot be eradicated because of that’s part of what makes us human.
Even a year old kind will envy his friend when he sees a toy he loves in his friend’s hand. He can hijack it and run away with it before someone returns it to the owner.

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That’s just a kid they don’t have hidden mind but as a mature human since they know they cant collect that success from that person they just started envy.

-“imagine somebody got a car and that person will say I won’t enter that car!
-Somebody got a business all because he is the owner you decide not to buy this brand because you don’t want his achievements! You don’t know that God provides thousands of people to buy it.
-Somebody will create new website or blog then some people will say I don’t want to visit or comment on it because he will be earning from every single time I visited it or I don’t want people to know am visiting his blog. Lol

-‎I started gaining more social grand this year when I started liking what I like and saying what I want In the feedback box and sharing it if it worth it.

Cultivate the habit of loving a successful people today hand you will feel the positive impact.

Straight from the heart UsefulTunde, Yusuf Tunde Abdulahi of Moneymakingcrew.com
Join, participate and share the love to make legal money together….
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Just putting it up this post to help others.. Words are like a split of water it can touch anybody !If you are guilty of anything I made mention above make an adjustment and leave a healthy life.

Another thing! Please suggest should I make a video version of this? 2017 IN REVIEW..

One way or the other you probably have helped me, you may or may not know.
Special thanks
– to my family (family first)
– ‎to my friends
-to the whole blogger bosses
– ‎to the whole Aboru undertaking / IKEJA ELECTRIC champion team
– ‎to IKEJA ELECTRIC in whole.





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